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Full Body Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong


Tantric massage Hong Kong is the body-to –body sensual massage to arouse the Kundalini (sexual energy) naturally and thus to awaken the body’s energy centers and fluid channels traditionally called ‘Shrota’. This sensual body massage that opens up the senses to the freedom of body play rejuvenates the body and mind and provides total psycho-somatic refreshment. Full length tantric massage in our Hong Kong spa is designed for ultimate sensual gratification and pleasure.

History of Hong Kong Tantra Massage and Tantric Massage

Tantra is the ancient oriental tradition of mind body awareness and in coherence with this tradition tantric massage is focused on arousing the deep rooted energy center of the body. Kundalini at the base of our navel is the center of our sexual energy or the primary energy as per the tantric texts. The sensual Hong Kong tantra massage with the relaxing techniques and arousal of sensory organs waken the sexual energy in Kundalini center and thus relieves nervous tension, increases physical vigor and provides relaxation to the muscles. The tradition of Hong Kong tantric massage has become very popular these days for its rejuvenating power and sensual gratification.

What we do

In tantric massage the recipient and the masseuse have some clearly defined roles for reaping maximum therapeutic benefits and gratification of senses. Here we provide a few details of how we ensure full satisfaction to the clients with full body Hong Kong tantra massage by our cute expert masseuses.

  • As for the recipient it is needed to calmly enjoy the massage by just focusing on the delicate touch. While breathing in from nose and out from mouth feel the touch of the masseuse all over your body, because it is what let you become free of other worldly concerns and stay focused at the presence of the moment.

  • As for the masseuse she would feel the pleasure of touching the body of the recipient all over. As per Tantra if the touch is gratifying to the giver it would also be sensually pleasing to the receiver.

  • Undress and lie flat on your belly on the mattress. Your partner masseuse will also undress herself and would begin to touch your body all over passionately.

  • Do not hold your breath during the tantra massage, have regular cyclic breath as discussed earlier.

  • This is a sensually arousing and loving massage for the whole body and so you expect all parts of your body being passionately touched including thighs, buttocks, groin, loin, etc.

  • Explore your partner’s body to the fullest and get the pleasure of touch as though you are enjoying for the first time. But do not touch in haste and touch all over your partner’s body slowly being conscious of the arousing pleasure all the time.

  • As the back massage is come to its end, roll over and before beginning the next stage of massage let your hands rest calmly on your partner’s heart. As you begin to feel the sensual arousal start exploring your partner’s body slowly.

  • As the massage will caress all sensual zones in the body, the arousal of sexual energy is natural but without putting any constraint to it let it reach its peak of savory pleasure. Hong Kong Tantra massage is all about making the sexual energy unbounded and free without any goal or objective and so the peaks of sensual pleasure will come, find gratification and pass in a natural way.

Benefits of Tantric Massage and Tantra Massage

The therapeutic benefits of tantra massage are numerous. Tantric massage is the most relaxing way to de-stress your muscles, get rid of nervous tension and fatigue. Tantric massage opens the fluid channels of the body for better blood circulation, clearing of sweat glands, etc. Most importantly by arousing and providing gratification of sexual energy Hong Kong tantra massage provides relaxation to body and mind to the fullest.

Tips and Caution to follow:

In Tantric massage it is very important to accept your partner and love his or her caressing physical touch and without this the massage cannot provide the desired relaxation at all. Secondly while touching or enjoying the touch do not get worked up but rather continue with the flow in slow progression. Do not harbor any inhibition or reservation as Tantric massage is basically about letting you experience the freedom of deep rooted Kundalini energy.

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