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Get Rejuvenated with Sensual Nuru Massage Hong Kong


Nuru massage is the erotic and sensual slide massage that besides therapeutic benefits offers full body to body sensual pleasure and refreshment. Our 90 minutes course of Nuru massage begins with an aromatic shower and then it is followed by the full body tantric massage by our attractive and pleasing masseuses which ends up in heightened moment of interactive Nuru massage fetishes and shower. Here we describe the Nuru massage steps in detail.

1) Putting down cloths and getting a warm aromatic bath

A full course 90 minutes Nuru massage session begins with an aromatic warm bath with your masseuse partner. Put off your clothes, get cozy with your masseuse, together dip into the bath tub and engage in a little bit of foreplay before getting ready for the massage session.

2) Being prepared for the massage

As you have finished taking bath do not soak yourself dry, let the body remain wet as it is and before lying on the air mattress put a towel on top of it as for your headrest.

3) Preparing the Nuru gel

The Nuru gel is mixed in a bowl of warm water. Water is mixed with the gel as much as to reach the desired density.

4) Creating the right ambience of the massage room

Another important aspect of Nuru massage is to create the perfect massage ambience with dim room lighting, soft ambient music, light color schemes of interior etc. For laying using air mattress is prescribed rather than soft cotton materials, because you must prevent the surface to soak the gel from your body.

5) Applying the Nuru Gel on the body

As you lay down flat the masseuse will apply and slowly rub the gel all over your body. After that the masseuse herself will apply the gel all over her body and while doing so you can give her a hand as well.

6) Sliding the bodies with each other

Now you are prepared for the sensual Nuru massage by the pleasant and accommodating masseuse. Now have the pleasure of massage by sliding on the body of each other.

7) Heightened moment of sensual arousing and pleasure

The sensual massage will ultimately reach the heightened moment of interactive body play and pleasure. The seductive masseuse will satisfy the recipient with arousing fetishes and interactive body play.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

The so called pleasure aspect apart, Nuru massage is ideal for de-stressing yourself, particularly for relaxing the body muscles and joints and arousing healthy excitement. By sliding the bodies with each other the muscles are loosened and open up the fluid channels of the body for better blood circulation and natural sweating.

What is Nuru Gel?

It is very probable that you already feel a lot curious about this gel that gave this sensual massage its proper name. Nuru gel originally is a slippery massage gel from Japan and it is made from the extract of a particular variety of deep water seaweed. The gel came to popularity in body to body massage across Japan, Hong-Kong and other Asian countries because of its odorless, tasteless and stain-free character unlike other massage oils.

Tips and Caution

To get the maximum therapeutic benefits and slow arousing of pleasure just do not get very worked up as the Nuru massage begins. Let the masseuse rub your body and begin to slide and slowly take you to the ultimate pleasure. Accept your massaging partner as your friend rather than a professional. The pleasure principles apart, do not forget the therapeutic benefit of de-stressing your muscles through this massage and so it is advised to go slow in the procedure.

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